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In collaboration with more than 500 corporate companies, we provide guaranteed internships for students and freshers on various job roles.

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Internships for students

Training, Internships and Job placements

Welcome to EDXL - Your Gateway to Professional Excellence! At EDXL, we understand that the journey to a successful career involves a strategic blend of training, practical experience, and meaningful job placements. Our commitment is to guide the students through this transformative journey, offering them unparalleled opportunities for their professional growth and success.

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Assured job role based internships with top companies

We offer assured job-role specific internships in collaboration with top-tier companies according to their standards and requirements. You can choose your internship in Digital Marketing Internship, Human Resource Internship, Business Development Internship, Full Stack Development Internship, Business and Finance Internship, Instructional Designing Internship, Content Writing Internship, Graphic Designing Internship, Cloud Computing Internship, E-Learning Content Creation Internship, Generative Artificial Intelligence Internship, Motion Graphics Internship, Event or workshop organizer Internship, Web Development Internship, Android Development Internship, Entrepreneurship Internship, Business and Strategy Internship, Front-End Development Internship, Cyber Security Internship, UI/UX Design Internship, Data Analytics Internship, Account Management Internship, Marketing and Sales Internship, Accounting and Finance Internship.

In-Demand Career Paths

Explore internships in high-demand job roles, ensuring hands-on experience in fields that are currently sought after by top companies, providing a strategic advantage in the competitive job market.

Top Corporate Collaborations

Benefit from our extensive network of top-tier companies, ensuring that the internship experience is not just meaningful but also opens doors to future career and job placement opportunities.

Hands-On Training

Enhance your skills, acquire practical, real-world insights through hands-on training specifically designed for in-demand job roles within various industries and get an edge over other candidates.

Direct Path to Success

Secure your professional future with confidence, as our guaranteed internships not only enhances your resume but also position you for success in your desired job role within leading companies.

Smooth transition from
internship to job placements

We ensure a seamless career progression where the students can transition effortlessly from internship to job placements, where the skills and experience gained during the internship becomes the stepping stones to a fulfilling career.

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